What is your favorite boys name and girls name?

Answer My favorites are Mason Everett & Mirabel Fiona {nickname Mira.. pronounced MEER-uh}Star for you! I actually like both of those combos. They flow well & although I don't love Heather or James, Evang... Read More »

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What is your favourite name girls and boys name?

What would you name 6 boys?

1. Quintus Chase2. Shane Jaxon3. Finley Treyton4. Archer Rio5. Luca Gray6. Evan MasonBQ: KevinBBQ:Skyler

What was the boys name on bewitched?

Darrin Stephens, or you could be referring to Jonathon or Adam.

What is your ONE favourite boys name?

Oliver.Always has been, hopefully always will be.I also like Joseph, good choice, but it's not my favourite :)