What is a good book on the bullying of kids with special needs?

Answer In the u.k the word "retarded" would be seen as quite offensive. We use terms such as "mental impairment/having a learning difficulty/cognitive disability". However, through different research, in ... Read More »

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How to Write a Good Kids' Book?

There are many genres within the children's book market. Each of these genres has a different purpose and requires a specific writing approach. A career as an author of books for kids can lead to f... Read More »

Is bullying special needs children illegal?

It's not illegal if other kids are doing it. However, if an adult is bullying a special needs child it could be considered discrimination.

How to Stop Bullying for Kids at Age Five?

According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, at least half of all children will be the victim of bullying at some time in their lives. Of those, 10 percent will find themse... Read More »

How to Stop Kids From Bullying at School?

Bullying is a serious offense and should be stopped or dealt with immediately. According to Kalamazoo College, bullies pick on or harass kids for a variety of different reasons, including to entert... Read More »