What is a good book for beginner kid Gardner's?

Answer YES, although you may need to wash it first. great in well it works and is most used as a garnish on a lot of dishes

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Which book should I get if I am a beginner, home baker?

All of the selections are good ones. I happen to like King Arthur Flour and go to their web site often for recipes and they do have an online chat that will help you out. I suggest you look at resa... Read More »

What book would you recomend for a new beginner in the IT field?……

What is a good DSLR for a beginner?

Any of the Canon or Nikon entry level SLR's will be fine.Canon Rebel XTi or XSiNikon D40 or D60Also I suggest you take a basic course in photography. Your local community college will offer them. I... Read More »

A good camera for beginner?

Nikon D3100, but would encourage you to go with the D5100. Great starter DSLR for fun shooting but gives you Manual options for just starting out.-FamZing Photography & Video