What are some really funny prank call ideas?

Answer Me and my cousin made up this one, it is 100% original. it is really just a joke you pull on the person your calling. heres the prank:you: hiyaperson: hi?you: have you ever seen a cow before?perso... Read More »

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How to Make a Funny Prank Virus?

This is a totally harmless prank virus to pull on a friend or someone.

Funny Senior Prank Ideas?

Senior pranks in high school have become a rite of passage. Ideas for pranking have evolved throughout time, becoming more and more elaborate as the years go by. Whether they're small scale or scho... Read More »

I need a good prank to prank my sister?

Fill about 20 or more paper cups up with water, place them next to each other on your victims desk. Then staple them all together, stand back and watch as he/she arrives at work and is clueeless ab... Read More »

Do you think that this prank is funny?

That sounds disgusting! Vinegar has a really strong smell so he'll probably figure it out before he drinks it. With my friends, we usually mix salt into their drinks. If you mix it in well, they... Read More »