Challenging Puzzle Games?

Answer While there is no shortage of games designed for smart phones and computers, it's difficult to discount the appeal of tactile games -- especially those with the primary objective of solving puzzles... Read More »

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Challenging Math Games That Are Also Fun?

Math can be a difficult subject for a lot of students, but by using games with rules that rely on solving math problems, you can make math a fun and challenging subject. Math games can come in many... Read More »

Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom?

According to a 2006 article in "The Washington Post," approximately one-half of new teachers would leave the field within the first five years of teaching. Dealing with challenging behaviors -- esp... Read More »

Challenging Math Projects?

Challenging math projects can improve your students' critical thinking skills. But these projects shouldn't be assigned just for the sake of doing them; each project should be perceived as meaningf... Read More »

A challenging naming task?

1. A word that means a lot to me is MAINE. My mother was born and grew up in Maine, and we vacation there every year. It's a magical, beautiful, wonderful place that has a special home in our heart... Read More »