What would make teaching worthwhile Challenging?

Answer The children make the job a challenge, you as the teacher can make it worthwhile. What you bring to the table determines the outcome. If you go in and do nothing you will not achieve anything pos... Read More »

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What do you find to be the most challenging part of working with children?

The most interesting part of working with children is watching them grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, etc... You should never underestimate a child's knowledge because they know a lot m... Read More »

What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of the Department of Homeland Security mission?

24 hours. They have different shifts. They also run more of their like plans during the night

What preparations should you make before challenging a child custody order?

This issue is the most emotional and traumatic part of most divorce cases. There is sole custody, joint custody, "bird nest" custody, and many other forms. The basis for determining child custody i... Read More »

A challenging naming task?

1. A word that means a lot to me is MAINE. My mother was born and grew up in Maine, and we vacation there every year. It's a magical, beautiful, wonderful place that has a special home in our heart... Read More »