What is a good amount of megapixel's for a digital camera?

Answer I propose a new strategy: forget about megapixels. I guarantee I could find two cameras with the same number of megapixels with one being awesome and one being a piece of junk. Here are a few be... Read More »

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Which digital megapixels camera are good?

Answer I would say a Fuji Camera 7 Megapixels. Any higher than that there is no visual benefit apart from having a larger picture.

I am buying a digital many megapixels do I need Is this a good one?

8 megapixels is more than enough. That camera looks like a good one.Alternatively, Mrs. VE and I have the camera below, and it's a fantastic camera.

Is 10 megapixels enough for a small digital camera i was thinkng to get the new nikon s60 is that good?

I had a similar problem with my nikon coolpix s550. very simple fix really... the card was originally formatted as FAT32. What i had to do is format it as ntfs then when i inserted it into the phon... Read More »

How much megapixels should a digital camera have to be able to record good quality videos?

good quality view.. erm I rather say that depends on the lens. And the sensor...Not the amount of megapixels. Did you know that HD video has two versions, HD and Full HD. HD is 1280x720, that is ab... Read More »