What is A good roboform alternative?

Answer hundreds?:) actually roboform is the easiest software you can make. i'm sure you can customize it by yourself:// the folowing codes are in vbscript. ' sleepWScript.Sleep 500 'type usernameWshShell.... Read More »

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What is a good Salt Alternative?

Lemon juice, lime juice or even a splash of vinegar. Sour is similar to salty. You're less likely to miss the salt with a squeeze of lemon.

What is a good alternative to an IPod?

the brand SanDisk makes an MP3 player called a 'sansa'. They look really like IPods. These come in 2GB (about 480 MP3 songs), 4GB (about 960 MP3 songs), and 6GB (about 1440 MP3 songs). They work re... Read More »

What is the good alternative remedies of tonsillitis?

HI RowenHere are some ideas to heal the issue. The SOul Doctor above has a good answer as well. CauseTonsillitis is caused either by Streptococcal bacteria or, less commonly, by viral infections. F... Read More »

What are some good alternative bands?

Alternative music rocks.Some of them are screamo (sorry)I put a * by the ones I think you would like most.*AFIAidenAlkaline TrioAlluraAtreyuAugust Burns RedThe AutomaticBlaqk Audio*Blink-182*Box Ca... Read More »