What is your favourite alcoholic shot?

Answer A lemon drop- it's not as strong so you can drink more of them- and not get as drunk. The best is with grape vodka.

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Whats a good drink (alcoholic and non alcoholic) for mexican food?

Since the Mexican food is generally hot, both in the sense of temperature, and usually due to the salsa, a cold drink of any kind is good. Beer is good if you want alcoholic drink, and water, iced... Read More »

Whats the best alcoholic drink shot?

The best alcoholic drink is a cosmopolitan served by a handsome (straight) waiter, and (in my dream that makes it the best drink), it's served by an ocean shore with a setting sun.....

What is a good tasting non alcoholic beer?

Honestly, none of them are. If you're going to drink beer, drink the alcoholic ones. The taste and amount of alcohol is taken into account for the overall flavor when brewing. Not having the alcoho... Read More »

What are good alcoholic based punches?

Captain Morgan Parrot Bay has some fruit flavored rums like coconut, pineapple, and more fruits.…Some vodka of course or flavored vodka like smirnoff straw... Read More »