What is a good age to give your kids a cell phone?

Answer I feel like 13 or so is a good age. Any earlier and I don't think the child would be able to understand the responsibility. The "teens don't need a cell phone until they're driving or moved out" is... Read More »

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What cell phone company is the cheapest and has good cell phones?

check if you have cricket around they have some good plans for texting also what u can do is check what service your friends have the most, that way you can get free mobile to mobile and you wont h... Read More »

How Old Should Kids Be to Use a Cell Phone?

The Microsoft Office 2007 suite of programs features an auto-recovery system that helps avoid losing work in unsaved documents. Word 2007, and the other programs, allows the user to configure the a... Read More »

What's the best cell phone for kids?

that firefly thing. it's got a mom, a dad and an emergency button. who else does an 8 year old need to call on their cell?

Age 4 kids 2 get a cell phone?

10-11 because researchers say that 10 year olds actually need it MORE than 14 year olds need one. See all teens do with their phones is text which is like a waste of money and 10 year olds actually... Read More »