A good indie film made before 1996?

Answer Easy Rider. Bikers, hippies, drug addicts, alcoholics, and a lawyer.My Own Private Idaho: gays, bisexuals, male prostitutes, and hustlersDead Man: Native Americans, an accountant, a prostitute, an... Read More »

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Making an indie film?

It's all about the content, not the camera! If you're good it'll show no matter what camcorder you're using.

Whats the best hand held camcorder for making a Indie film?

Hi Michael: "Low budget" is a very relative term: Low-budget to Steven Spielberg is a couple million bucks; to me it's $100,000 or so. To you, probably a lot less! Post an update edit using the ... Read More »

Any good indie bands?

How about:Amy MacdonaldIron&WineFlorence and the MachineThe Black KeysEdward Sharpe and the Magnetic ZerosThe LumineersThe Byrds

How to Write Really Good Indie Music?

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