What is a good HDTV for playing PS3?

Answer I recommend LG Cinema 3D TV. It's a full HD 3D TV. 3D TVs generally have better 2D image quality. LG Cinema 3D has LED backlighting and it gives you better 2D and 3D images. I own a LW5600 model an... Read More »

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Do I need to buy a HDTV tuner to get 1080p signals over the air on your un55c8000 HDTV -- I have a very good outside digital antenna?

1080p signals are not currently being broadcast on any major network at present. Broadcasters are currently using either 1080i or 720p. 1080p demands twice the bandwidth and it is expected to be so... Read More »

Why is my movie playing strangely on my HDTV?…

What is a good processor speed for an HDTV?

A standard processing speed for a HDTV is 60 Hz but that comes with customer complaints of motion blur during faster moving pictures, according to cnet Reviews. Televisions with a 120-Hz process... Read More »

What is a very good 30"-40" HDTV brand?

I use a 32" 1080p lcd vizio and have had it for over a year on my ps3 and cable but samsung is also good. I install a lot of tv's and hook up a lot of ps3. Just make sure it is a 1080p tv