What is a good EFC on a FAFSA?

Answer On One Hand: Zero EFC is the BestAccording to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the best possible Expected Family Contribution (EFC) you can have is a zero, which means that the... Read More »

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I just received a 129 of EFC for fafsa, is that good or bad and how much aid am i expected to receive?

IT ALL depends on how much tuition and the cost is at the school you plan to attend. you could get $1000 or $2000 for a semester. yet it matters on how much a unit/hour costs at your college.a low ... Read More »

I scored a 997 on the Fafsa for the EFC score is that too high good bad I dont know.?

This is a good EFC. The efc is just a code the schools use to determine what kinds and how much money you will get. It is not what you will have to pay the school. With an EFC of 997 you will li... Read More »

What is a good legitimate site to apply for financial aid I have already applied through FAFSA?

Well, this is a good one:,133213…Hope I could help!

Is the 2009-2010 FAFSA good for the summer 2009 semester?

Dwayne:Suba's information is not correct.It IS possible to get financial aid in the summer, but your options are limited. Let's take a look.First of all, I can't answer your question about the corr... Read More »