What is a good Christmas gift for my girlfriend?

Answer On One Hand: Jewelry Is Often AppreciatedMany women appreciate the gift of jewelry. You'll need to know her preferences, such as whether she likes gold or silver. Be prepared to spend at least $100... Read More »

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What is the best christmas gift for my girlfriend?

On One Hand: Base It on Her InterestsGive your girlfriend a gift based on her hobbies or interests. The gift can be either a material item or a fun experience. If your girlfriend enjoys getting dol... Read More »

Homemade Christmas Gift for a Girlfriend?

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a stressful event. If you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend, you may have twice as much anxiety since impressing her with a thoughtful, original item ca... Read More »

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Teenage Girlfriend?

One of the challenges of having a teenage girlfriend is that, most often, you are a teenager yourself. Teenagers rarely have a lot of disposable income, so you may be worrying about finding a Chris... Read More »

A good Christmas gift?

A mug with a packet of hot chocolate and a small, inexpensive stuffed animal or some sweets in a bag or a small candy cane to fit in the mugYou could to the same expect with coffee...Small, inexpen... Read More »