What is a gondola driver called?

Answer A gondola is a traditional mode of transportation on the canals of Venice. The gondola driver is called a "gondolier." Traditionally, gondoliers are only male, and stand up in the boat to steer, u... Read More »

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How long is gondola driver school?

The Academy of Gondoliers in Venice instituted a six-month course which requires 400 hours of practice navigating the waters of the canals. Once the course is complete, students must then apply for... Read More »

What is a gondola operator called?

The operator of a gondola boat is called a gondolier. According to the Gondola Network, the gondola is said to be one of the most recognized boats in the world.Source:The Gondola Network

What is a gondola?

A gondola is a long narrow boat, most commonly associated with Venice, Italy. Its slender shape, approximately 36' long and 5' wide, makes it a natural fit for the narrow canals filled with traffic... Read More »

What is a gondola ride?

The gondola is a flat-bottomed row boat that originated in Venice, Italy, during the 11th century. Gondola rides are a popular tourist attraction in Venice, allowing visitors to tour the ancient ci... Read More »