What is a gold brick called?

Answer Gold bricks are called ingots, a term used to describe metals that have been pressed into bar form for easier handling. Unrefined gold bricks are called bullion bars and are valued per their purity... Read More »

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What is the measurement of a gold brick?

The measurements of gold bricks, or bars, vary depending on whether they are cast or stamped. The traditional bar used in international trade weighs about 400 ounces, is 6 to 8 inches in length, 3 ... Read More »

How heavy is a brick of gold?

There are over 30 kinds of gold bricks in the world of gold trading, but the most common one is the kilobar. True to its name, the kilobar weighs 1,000 grams, otherwise known as a kilogram. It is e... Read More »

What is a gold ring around a pupil called?

A gold ring around the pupil is called a Kayser-Fleischer ring, after doctors Bernhard Kayser and Bruno Fleischer. Most easily viewed in people with blue eyes, it is often a symptom of Wilson disea... Read More »

What is the gold ring around the pupil called?

A colored ring around the pupil is called a copper ring or Kayser-Fleischer ring. Its color can range from brownish-green to red-gold. It can be due to a failure in copper metabolism called Wilson ... Read More »