What is a global positional system?

Answer Global positioning systems, or GPS, can tell with millimeter accuracy the location of an object on Earth. What started as a military tool is now being used for a broad range of commercial and scien... Read More »

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What is the global economic system?

At the end of World War II, many government officials began to notice the increasing interdependence of the world's economy, where one nation's economic decisions have a great effect on the economi... Read More »

Does a global positioning system work?

On One Hand: Makes Navigation EasyGlobal Positioning System (GPS) units, usually purchased for navigating in a car, can be tracked by a network of satellites from space using radio signals. This ma... Read More »

Who invented the global positioning system&when?

The global positioning system (GPS) was created thanks to a U.S. Department of Defense project led by engineers Ivan Getting and Bradford Parkinson. The first GPS satellite was launched in 1978, an... Read More »

How to Use the Global Trade System on WiFi?

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