What is a football girdle?

Answer A football girdle is an undergarment that football players wear underneath their pants for protection and support of their lower body. The football girdle usually has pads sewn in to protect the hi... Read More »

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Girdle Vs. Athletic Supporter?

Athletes have to take great care of their bodies. Stretching and training are two important parts of the formula, but a third part is wearing the proper equipment. Two popular pieces of athletic eq... Read More »

Is it safe to wear girdle during pregnancy?

Yes aslong as it isn't too tight on you abdomen

Can you wear a girdle soon after giving birth?

no you should wear a bra and knickers to go outside with you should show your boobs

When was limb-girdle muscular dystrophy discovered?

Limb-girdle was first desbcribed in 1876 but it was not proposed as that name until 1954 by Walton and Natrass.