What are the causes of gerbil hair loss?

Answer Fur loss in gerbils can suggest a more serious infection in some cases. Fleas and mites can cause a gerbil to scratch fur off, while diseases such as Tyzzer's Disease lead to fur loss and serious i... Read More »

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What Other Animals Can Live in the Same Cage as a Gerbil?

The only other animal that can safely live in the same cage as a pet gerbil is another gerbil. Gerbils do better in captivity when they live with others of their own species, according to the Ameri... Read More »

How to Bury a Gerbil?

Your gerbil passed on and you want to give it a proper burial. You have several options, but here are some ideas.

How to Go Gerbil Fishing?

You are not allowed to go fishing and you have gerbils? Then you can go fishing without the fish!

How do you hold a gerbil?

Gerbils are social animals who quickly become comfortable with their caregivers if handled correctly. Hand-taming a new gerbil simply takes time, patience and a careful touch. A gerbil who is not h... Read More »