What is a geiger counter used for?

Answer A Geiger counter measures background radiation in the environment and also measures radiation levels present in living things. This device is also referred to as a Geiger-Mueller counter or G-M cou... Read More »

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Who invented the Geiger counter?

Hans Geiger, a German nuclear physicist, co-invented the Geiger counter with Walther Muller, a German physicist, in 1928. The Geiger counter is a device used to count atomic particles and detect io... Read More »

What is a geiger counter&how does it work?

Geiger counters determine the amount of radiation in an area. This information can help soldiers, rescue workers and scientists avoid exposure to radiation by giving them a reliable measurement of ... Read More »

Geiger Counter & How it Works?

A Geiger counter measures radioactivity. When a particle from a radioactive emission strikes the counter's probe, the probe amplifies that collision enough to be detectable to humans. Since a singl... Read More »

In what year was the Geiger counter invented?

The Geiger counter, which is used to detect ionizing radiation and to count alpha particles, was invented in 1928. A German nuclear physicist, Hans Geiger, and his colleague, German physicist Walth... Read More »