What is a gearbox?

Answer A gearbox is the protective housing for an automobile's gear lever and attached gears. The gearbox is an extension of the transmission, and the gears within the gearbox transfer power between the e... Read More »

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What is a planetary gearbox?

A planetary gearbox is an arrangement in which a gear or set of gears revolve around one central, stationary gear. Some arrangements also contain an annulus, which is an outer gear that revolves ar... Read More »

What Is a Gearbox Fluid Change?

The rotating and inter-meshing parts inside every transmission create a great deal of friction in the course of normal operation. The fluid inside your gearbox keeps everything that moves slick and... Read More »

What Is a Gearbox Quill Assembly?

A gearbox is composed of multiple gears that enable shafts of different types to rotate at more than one speed. A quill shaft is a solid thin variety that is made of high quality metal.

What is the difference between a transmission and a gearbox?

There is very little difference at all and it is a bit like "What's the difference between a square and a rectangle" A gear box is specifically either a manual or automatic transmission that has al... Read More »