How to Make Your Own Garter Belt & Stockings?

Answer Sewing your own garter belt and stockings may seem like a difficult or expensive task. However, with beginner knowledge of a basic sewing stitch and a few basic supplies, you can create a homemade... Read More »

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How to Attach Thigh Highs to a Garter Belt?

Grater belts and thigh highs are a beautiful addition to any outfit and can act as a gorgeous extra to sexy lingerie, but sometimes they can be difficult to work out! here are some tips on how to w... Read More »

How to Wear a Garter Belt & Thigh High Hose?

Garter belts have been worn throughout history for the practical purpose of keeping up thigh-high hose. They are a small belt piece usually made out of satin or lace. Garter bands, which are often ... Read More »

What Is a Garter Used For?

The garter dates back to as early as King Arthur and is a piece of elastic that is generally a few inches thick. To make it more decorative, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a ribbon or ... Read More »

What leg does the wedding garter go on?

It is a wedding tradition for the bride to wear a keepsake garter and a throwaway garter on her right thigh, just above the knee. During the wedding reception, the groom removes the throwaway garte... Read More »