What is a garnishment?

Answer A garnishment is a judgment typically issued by the court ordering a party to pay on a debt owed to a plaintiff.SignificanceWhen a defendant has not paid debts owed to a plaintiff the court often i... Read More »

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Can a garnishment keep you from getting a job?

On One Hand: Discriminatory PracticesWhile Federal law protects employees from being fired because they're being garnished, hiring practices are not as clear-cut. Generally, during an interview, an... Read More »

What is garnishment?

Garnishment is a lien against the wages that you earn from your employer. You may receive a garnishment for a number of different reasons relating to debt.IdentificationWage garnishment occurs when... Read More »

What is a supplemental garnishment?

A supplemental garnishment is a debt that is attached to the debtor's wages via the court system and the creditor. The amount or percentage of the garnishment varies according to the state the debt... Read More »

Retirement Garnishment?

Garnishment is an involuntary collection process by which a creditor may seize certain forms of income when an individual fails to pay a debt. Most creditors cannot legally garnish debtors without ... Read More »