What is a garlic clove how much segment or the whole clove?

Answer A whole garlic is called a "head" (or sometimes a "bulb"). A clove is one of the individual segments that make up the head.

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How to Make Garlic Toast Spread With a Garlic Clove?

This is a very unique recipe that uses only the freshest ingredients. Garlic powder or garlic salt is alright to use but, using all natural and fresh is better and more healthy. Not only is it good... Read More »

Where do you find oil of clove to use to make clove candy?

Purchase clove oil from health food stores, some drug stores, vitamin stores, Indian and Asian markets, and online. Because clove oil is an essential oil used for aromatherapy, home remedies and co... Read More »

How To Make Minced Garlic From a Clove of Garlic?

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What is one clove of garlic?

Garlic, scientific name Allium sativa, is a vegetable popular in cuisines around the world. A clove of garlic is one of the individual small sections that make up the familiar white bulb of garlic.... Read More »