What is a gap analysis report?

Answer A gap analysis report is a document which compares organizational performance against goals, industry benchmarks, regulatory guidelines or external standards such as ISO 9000. Companies large and s... Read More »

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How to Write a Job Analysis Report?

When looking for a suitable candidate for an open position in your company, it's important that you document the exact skills, traits and qualifications needed to excel in the position by analyzing... Read More »

How to Write an Industry Analysis Report?

An industry analysis report is a document that evaluates a given industry and the companies involved in it. Often included as part of a business plan, an industry analysis report typically seeks to... Read More »

Critical Analysis in a Book Report?

Rehashing a book's plot in a book report demonstrates that the student has understood the gist of the story. Yet, teachers usually like their students to take their book reports to the next level b... Read More »

What is a weekly sales analysis report?

The sales department focuses on a weekly sale analysis report. By evaluation of their sales department performance, they can measure and plan strategy. A weekly sale analysis report consists of sal... Read More »