What is a game handicap?

Answer Handicapping is the act of placing certain advantages or disadvantages on competitors in an attempt to equalize everyone's chances of winning. Handicaps are often presented as an option in a variet... Read More »

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If a handicap parking doesn't have a sign on a post, is it still handicap parking?

if its on the ground and no post its still the same thing

What Is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is a method by which bookmakers attract wagers on sporting events. The goal of the handicap is to attract equal wagering dollars for both competitors. One side is considered the fa... Read More »

What is a handicap in bowling?

In bowling, a handicap is a number added to scores so that playing with differing skill levels compete on an equal level. It is usually determined by subtracting the average of an individual or tea... Read More »

What is the average golf handicap?

The average golf handicap is 16. For women, the average handicap is 23. For men, the average is 15. Only 21 percent of all golfers kept a handicap, as of 2004.References:Eye Spy Golf: Golf FAQs