What is a gable dormer?

Answer A gabled dormer (or gable dormer) is an opening in an angled roof that allows a dormer to be placed at one or more location across the surface of the roof. Gabled dormers often come in a series, wh... Read More »

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What is a dormer?

A dormer is an architectural structure that protrudes from a sloping roof. Dormers often include windows, known as dormer windows, and are frequently used when converting an attic space into an add... Read More »

What is a roof dormer?

The term roof dormer describes either a window housed in an structure that extends from a sloping roof or the structure that holds such a window, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. The wo... Read More »

What is a dormer roof?

A dormer is a vertical window installed on a sloped roof to introduce light and air into top-story-level rooms in buildings. Dormer windows are most common on gabled roofs that have two sloped side... Read More »

What are gable vents?

Attic spaces in homes must be properly ventilated, particularly in summer, when heat and moisture build up in the space between insulated ceilings and the roof. Gable vents are a common way to vent... Read More »