What is a futon?

Answer A staple of college dorms everywhere, futons have become some of the most popular furniture choices in the United States. What you may not know is that this sofa style originated in Japan.Identifi... Read More »

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What kind of futon mattress is best for a couch/futon?

On One Hand: Light Usage.If your futon won't see much wear and tear, cotton may be an economical mattress material. Cotton mattresses are among the cheaper mattresses, depending on the manufacturer... Read More »

How old is the futon?

Futons have existed for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Babylonia, Mesopotamia and Egypt. Futon is a Japanese word meaning bedding. The Japanese use the word shikibuton to describe the a... Read More »

DIY Futon Frame?

The traditional Japanese futon has gained widespread popularity as a functional couch-bed furniture piece. It is common to find futons in living rooms, family rooms, offices, dorms, studios and bed... Read More »

How do I unfold a futon into a bed?

Reposition the FutonMove the futon away from the wall. Make sure the back supporting bars are far enough away so they don't scratch the wall or surrounding furniture.Unfold the FutonLocate the pull... Read More »