What is a fuser do for a printer?

Answer Fusers are used in laser printers and literally fuse the toner into the paper fibers of the paper using heat & pressure to make the print/image permanent. Toner is typically a polymer plastic powde... Read More »

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How can you fix a fuser gate on a 4250 printer fuser?

What Is a fuser on a printer?

The fuser is a pair of heated rollers inside a laser printer. After the drum deposits toner on the paper, it is sent through the fuser to permanently affix the toner to the paper.Source:Repair FAQ:... Read More »

What Is a laser printer fuser?

On a laser printer, the fuser is the part that sticks the toner to the paper. First, the printer drum transfers toner to the paper, then the paper goes through the heated rollers of the fuser. The ... Read More »

I have a fuser error 50.1 what is the problem on my Hp laser printer?

To the best of my knowledge I think it might be something electrical. and with the 50.1 fuser error the first place to look would be a dc controller error. You could re install the firmware but i... Read More »