What is that show where people get random funny questions and have to ask random people walking the streets the questions?

Answer family feud

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How to Be Funny and Random?

Are you just some boring person? Well, not anymore! Become funny, random, and cute just by completing these steps.

How to Be a Random and Funny Club Penguin Player?

On club penguin, you look around. you see all those random penguins.having fun, laughing, being random, and making others laugh. It's much harder that it looks. follow the steps below to be like them.

I need FUNNY and RANDOM facebook groups?

It's Not My Fault What You Said Can Be Misconstrued as A Sexual Innuendo, Facebook Has Made My Stalking 97% More Efficient, Anatidaephobia — the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching y... Read More »

Need funny random things to write on my friends facebook wall?

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