What is a funeral home assistant?

Answer A funeral assistant or attendant is a professional who works alongside funeral directors and morticians, the licensed professionals who prepare bodies for burial or cremation. Assistants perform a ... Read More »

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What happens in a funeral home?

Funeral homes provide a variety of services to people who must contend with the details surrounding the final disposition of a human body. A key development that made using funeral homes possible w... Read More »

What happens to a dead body at the funeral home?

A funeral home, funeral parlor or mortuary provide burial and funeral services. They embalm the body of the deceased for presentation in an open casket funeral or, per the family's wishes, have the... Read More »

What happens to dead people at a funeral home?

Funeral homes prepare the deceased's body in accordance with the wishes of the family. Methods of preparation vary depending on whether the family chooses to have a viewing, a burial or a cremation... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Funeral Home & a Mortuary?

Subtle elements create the difference between a funeral home and a mortuary. Both establishments assist families with burial procedures. One facility offers more burial formats, while another offer... Read More »