What is a fun way to loose weight?

Answer Find a freind that wants the same thing you want and explore a gym together! It will help ease you into working out.

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My name is Caleb and is my weight good for me I'm 6'1, 200 pounds or 90.7 kg. Should I loose weight?

At 6 1. 200 pounds is great. Check your bmi. if its under 27 then your good.

What is the fastest diet to loose weight?

Control your portions- eat a little bit less each day. If you don't wanna do that, try eating oatmeal for breakfast. It's low in calories and keeps you full longer than most breakfast foods like ce... Read More »

I need to loose weight. What should I do?

u r doin it wrong!u hav 2 eat a good breakfast!that will help u eat less during the day..... is better 2 eat few amount of food a lot times at day than eat just once a lot at the day..... and the ... Read More »

What should my calorie intake be to loose weight?

It would be better if you ate 1,200 calories a day. You won't go into starvation mode. You need to eat about 6 meals a day. Breakfast important about 300 calories max - then Lunch something healthy... Read More »