What was the hobbit's 3rd riddle?

Answer The third riddle asked by Bilbo was as follows: "A box without hinges, key, or lid, Yet golden treasure inside is hid." The answer to the riddle is an egg.

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Answer to the riddle What does the cia use to spy on your dreams?

How to Make up a Riddle?

Most people enjoy riddles because riddles are both fun to tell and even more fun to solve! This article will tell how to make your own unique riddle.

What was the tv show with the jester and the parrot that said diddle diddle here's a riddle?

probabaly some retarded tv show producer who was to lazy to do it himself so he asked his 3 year old to do it

Who discovered the riddle of the sphinx?

The riddle of the sphinx is a mythological conceit rather than a physical object to be discovered. According to myth, the sphinx sat outside the city of Thebes, Egypt, and devoured anyone who could... Read More »