What are ten fact about Oprah Winfrey?

Answer Best Friend's name :Gayle King Husband's name: Stedman Graham

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Why do people sitll support PETA even though its a known fact that they kill animals?

You mean euthanize animals? What are they supposed to do , literally take home the thousands of animals that end up in their possession? They are for the ETHICAL treatment of animals they are not a... Read More »

What is an interesting fact about a digital camera?

compared to a non-digital camera, interesting facts about digital cameras include,but is not limited to: >displaying images on a screen immediately after they are recorded>storing thousands of imag... Read More »

What is the most weirdest fact about Neptune?

If you are referring to the planet, it rains diamonds.

R&P what is a fact some people might not know about you?

That I'm a singer