What is a full-service advertising agency?

Answer A full-service advertising agency is a business specializing in the complete promotion of its clients. The agency can produce all types of advertising products and services from printed signs to te... Read More »

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What is an advertising agency?

The purpose of an advertising agency is to promote goods and services provided by companies, voluntary organizations or individuals. There are local, national and international advertising agencies... Read More »

What is the role of an advertising agency?

Advertising agencies develop radio ads, TV commercials, billboards and countless other ads. These agencies may work independently or as an in-house studio for one network or company.DefinitionThe P... Read More »

What advertising agency does ESPN sports commercials?

It depends on how many teams, and how many players are allowed per team.

What is the examples of a government corperation a. the supreme court b. the central intelligence agency c.the north intelligence agency or d. the US postal service?

For many things...1) Completing covert missions and regular missions2) Bringing down terrorists, warloards, people like that3) Interregating criminals4) Analyzing encrypted files and data bases