What is a fulfillment house?

Answer Fulfillment houses, also called fulfillment companies, deal with aspects of client company business involved with processing customer orders. Some fulfillment houses provide specific services; many... Read More »

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Customer Fulfillment Strategies?

Customer fulfillment is the ability of a company to deliver their goods or services into the hands of consumers. While customer fulfillment has been a part of business for several decades, increase... Read More »

Difference Between Personal Fulfillment and Personal Growth?

"Personal growth" and "personal fulfillment," while closely related, are not interchangeable terms. One arises from achieving an understanding, the other from embracing and acting on positive value... Read More »

Can my putting a modestly sized addition on my house diminish the value of my neighbor's house assuming it matches the existing house?

Given your categorization of this question, one must assume that you are both members of an association. Associations are run according to governing documents. So long as your addition is added acc... Read More »

What should the humidity in your house be My house is about 72 degrees and my dehumidifier is set on 40. Huh?

Ideal humidity is 40 to 50. less will affect your sinus' and will cause static electricity while walking on carpets. It can also make wood furniture crack. Over that and you have the chance of mold... Read More »