What is a fugitive warrant?

Answer Fugitive warrants are orders or writs designed to apprehend suspects and prisoners that have fled a jurisdiction to avoid prosecution.ProximityFugitive warrants are issued by the jurisdiction that ... Read More »

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What is a fugitive recovery agent?

Being a fugitive recovery agent is not what it seems. What you have seen on television about bounty hunting is make believe, according to the Professional Bail Agents of the United States or PBUS. ... Read More »

Who played the Richard Kimble in the Fugitive?

Harrison Ford. Well Harrison Ford did indeed play Dr. Richard Kimble in the movie "The Fugitive" made in 1993. However, that movie was based on the television series of the same name which ran from... Read More »

Why has the TV show 'The Fugitive' which was the remake in 2000 never been put on DVD?

Perhaps because no production studios have bought the rights to it yet.

How to Become a Fugitive Recovery Agent in Southern California?

Fugitive recovery agents are paid to apprehend criminal suspects that fail to appear in court. California recovery agents must have written authorization from a bail agent or surety company before ... Read More »