What is a fryer chicken?

Answer A chicken is classed as a "fryer" based on the age of the bird and its weight. A chicken so classified is good for frying, but you can cook it in other ways--and you don't need a fryer chicken to ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a roaster&a fryer chicken?

Broiler-fryers and roasters are two classifications of chickens. The two varieties differ in age and weight, which makes each type better suited for certain applications.AgeAs "Better Homes and Gar... Read More »

How to Pan Fry a Low-Fat Fryer Chicken?

Fryer chickens, also known as broiler chickens, are small, young chickens, up to 3 ½ lbs. in weight and 2 ½ months old, according to These are usually cut into pieces for breading and f... Read More »

How long do you cook a 4 lb chicken fryer?

A 4 lb. chicken fryer should be baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour and a half. If it is stuffed, the cooking time should be increased to two hours. A 4 lb. chicken fryer can also be grille... Read More »

How long do you put chicken in a deep fryer for?

Heat the oil to 370 degrees F, then cook the chicken pieces for about 20 minutes. When the chicken pieces start to float on top of the oil, and they look brown to your liking, remove and drain.Sour... Read More »