What is a frog's habitat?

Answer There are over 5,000 species of frogs globally, and they live in nearly every country; only Antarctica seems frogless. With this many varieties of frogs, their habitats differ to large degrees, but... Read More »

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In a science fair project will a plant in a smoke-filled habitat or healthy habitat grow faster?

Answer I think you should conduct your own experiment and research and form your own conclusions.

Natural Habitat & Man-Made Habitat Differences?

Man-made and natural habitats refer to environments where several species live. How these environments are built up is different, but they both sustain life. A natural habitat is untampered with by... Read More »

What do rainforest frogs eat?

Rainforest frogs are carnivores and subsist on a diet of fruit flies, small crickets and other insects. Some of the poisonous frogs are that way because of the toxic ants they eat--the toxins do no... Read More »

What Are Nares on Frogs?

Nares are another word for nostrils. Frogs have two types of nares: external and internal. These two types of nostrils work together to provide oxygen to frogs when they're not in the water. In add... Read More »