Are there any benifits with drinking mint tea?

Answer It's supposed to help you concentrate, but for the most part it is best for healing purposes. It freshens your breath, decongests your nasal airways, and helps heal stomach aches. It really won't g... Read More »

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Explain Benifits of using a property managenent system with reference to the guests staff and the organigation as a whole also mention disadvantages if any?

This time period may or may not have been defined in your contract. Call other property managers in the same industry in your locale, and ask the question about the time period.Then, send a letter ... Read More »

What are the benifits of joining ROTC?

there are different benefits to all the different branches of ROTC but one thing in common is the 4 year college scholorship that comes with a monthly allowance for you to use as you please. if you... Read More »

Does eating food cooked with chilli powder have the same benifits as eating food cooked with real chilli's?

Even if the chilli powder that you use is pure chilli, there will be deterioration in the food value of the chillies, certainly.Caution: many commercial chilli powders include other spices, such as... Read More »

Hii i am doing Bsc(comp). what will be benifits of RHCE or RHCT to me?

yes Redhat has a lot of demands these days. trust me nowadays 60% of survers run on linux platforms. so lot of job oppurtinities.