What is a freight broker?

Answer A freight broker is a person or company that arranges shipping for goods, but does not actually run the freight service. Freight brokers match people who need shippers with companies that provide c... Read More »

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How Do I Become a Freight Broker?

A freight broker, as described by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, is an individual who acts as a "property broker"---a licensed individual or corporation that helps make a shipper ... Read More »

How much can a freight broker make?

A freight broker can make an average between $20,000 and $40,000 per year. These earnings can vary due to the fact that freight brokers earn their salary based on commission (commission is based on... Read More »

Job Description for a Freight Broker?

No matter what the economy is doing at any given time, goods must be transported to consumers. Connecting shippers with responsible and authorized motor carriers is the main task of the freight bro... Read More »

Freight Broker Agent Training?

Freight broker agents can be found in transportation companies managing shipments. A freight broker agent may also be known as cargo and freight agents. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statis... Read More »