What is a free trade zone?

Answer Free trade zones (sometimes called export-processing zones) are areas in which barriers to trade are low. These zones can be anything from a single state (for example, the United States) to a colle... Read More »

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What is the largest free trade zone?

As of mid-2010, the world's largest free trade zone is the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, sometimes called CAFTA. CAFTA was created by an agreement between China and the Association of Southeast Asia... Read More »

Does free trade equal fair trade?

On One Hand: Less Expensive Goods.According to an article by the Ana Erias published on the website of the Heritage Foundation titled "Why America needs Free Trade," free trade policies can create ... Read More »

What is a tax-free enterprise zone?

A tax-free enterprise zone is an area in a community or region established by local government to encourage businesses to move into the area, according to the University of Vermont. Businesses who ... Read More »

What is the definition of free trade?

The idea of free trade goes back to the invisible hand described by Adam Smith in the late 1700s. The idea states that markets can naturally correct themselves without regulation. However, current ... Read More »