What is a free ride in stock trading?

Answer Despite the nature of our highly technological society, a stock trade is not completed instantly. An investor may click the button and immediately receive a trade confirmation, but that is not the ... Read More »

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What is a put in stock trading?

A put is a type of option used by investors who anticipate a stock will fall in price much like a short position. Its opposite is a call, which is bought by investors who anticipate a stock will ri... Read More »

What Is Pre-market Stock Trading?

Most people think that trading can only be done during the hours of the stock market, but investors with the right software can engage in special stock trading sessions early in the morning before ... Read More »

What is penny stock trading?

Penny stock trading has long been a favorite activity among retail or part-time investors. Along with great opportunity comes great risk. Those investing in penny stocks must understand the risks a... Read More »

What are stock trading tickets?

A trading ticket, also known as a deal ticket, records all the important information pertaining to a trade agreement. Stock trading tickets are used as a sort of internal control system, allowing c... Read More »