How to Be Radical Chic?

Answer Radical chic is a French term for someone who claims to be a socialist without feeling the need to follow a lifestyle that matches the socialist principles. It supposes that the person is not reall... Read More »

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What is a right wing radical?

Contact the Department of Environmental Quality or the California Environmental Protection Agency and request a FOIA release on emissions from farms and orchards in the down wind area where you live.

What is a 'radical birth mother'?

Dear Possum,YOO HOO! HERE I AM!!Let me begin by saying:I like to think there isn't really an average garden variety anybody; that we are unique and should each be respected and treated with our uni... Read More »

How to Divide a Radical by an Exponent?

Arithmetic with exponents is defined by specific rules for each operation. The rule for division states that when dividing powers with like bases the exponent in the denominator is subtracted from ... Read More »

How to Solve Radical Equations?

A radical equation is an algebraic equation in which the variable is positioned under a root. The root is typically a square root. It can be a cube root or other roots. In order to solve radical eq... Read More »