What is a free agent in sports?

Answer "Free agent" is a term used in professional sports which refers to a player who does not currently have a contract with a team. They are usually free to sign with any team that they choose.Unrestri... Read More »

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What is a sports agent?

When a professional athlete is a free agent and looking for a new contract, his sports agent is the one who does the negotiating with the teams. Rather than have the player make the deal, the agent... Read More »

What is the nature of being a sports agent?

The nature of being a sports agent involves juggling a lot of skills which, in the end, satisfy your clients' interests. Salesmanship, persistence, street smarts and a good sense of humor are all t... Read More »

What Degrees Are Best for a Sports Agent?

Top sports agents can earn substantial incomes, but becoming a leading agent requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Agents act as sales representatives who market their clients and conduct neg... Read More »

What Do You Need to Become a Sports Agent?

Becoming a sports agent is a career path that requires dedication to several years of preparation. According to PayScale, the average sports agent can expect to make between $43,729 and $139,723. T... Read More »