How can you find a free voicemail service that you can leave a 10 minute message evey day that can be listened to by other people that call in to listen to it?

Answer Some applications are free for download and other are not. Some companys make "Lite" versions of an application which is just a test version of the app to get individuals to buy if they like.Apple ... Read More »

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If I call a toll free 800 number from a land line phone, am I charged anything?

If you make a toll free call from your home phone(land line) Then the call is free. With cell phones you are still charged if you are on a min to min plan. Sucks huh?mx

What are the essentials I need to buy for a newborn baby (first time mommy)?

Don't buy too much 0-3 months stuff. My daughter is only 6 weeks and is in 3-6 already so we had to give away alot of stuff.Dont buy more than 1 pack of newborn diapers either...get lots of 1 and ... Read More »

What do you call a baby at 5 weeks that has not been born?

What is the number to call that allows you to change your caller id for free?

are you talking about the callerID spoofing???here is the website, but its not free....for 10 bucks you can sign-up....and its goes a long way!!some phone providers offer this feature for free, I k... Read More »