What is a fragmented file what does it mean?

Answer It's a file on your computer too big to store in the place on the hard drive where it was originally created. So it gets cut up and spread out into various places. Naturally, it will take your driv... Read More »

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What does it mean to zip a file?

A zip file is a compressed file that contains folders and other files inside of it. Zipping files means to contain all the selected files and folders into one compressed file, making it easier to t... Read More »

What does the file format iso mean?

The ISO file format is a type of computer technology used to copy an entire CD or DVD and then burn or transfer the copy onto a new CD or DVD. The letters ISO represent "International Organization ... Read More »

What does print to file mean?

The print to file function saves the print layout and spacing of your document, so it can be printed without having to access the program you used to create it. Print to file may be used when you w... Read More »

What does the file extension IVR mean?

The IVR file extension deals with Internet video recordings. The IVR file extension is used by the RealPlayer, which is produced by RealNetworks, Inc. This file extension is only used in versions 1... Read More »