What is a four letter flower?

Answer A Rose

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What is the letter A like a flower?

it's followed by a beeit's followed by a bee

What is a flower beginning with letter C?

Maisy,You seem to have a running theme going. Try this site - it can give you lists of flowers and plants alphabetically.clematis

What is a flower beginning with letter B?

BegoniaBergamotBells of IrelandBergeniaBrunnera Blue Rose - hahaTropical Flowers includes:Bird of paradiseBougainvilleaBromeliadBougainvilleaBalsamBrugmansia (Angel's trumpets): bright, flaring tru... Read More »

What is another four-letter name for an inclined plane?

An inclined plane is what is known as one of the six simple machines. It is characterized by having one point that is higher the other, or a sloping surface. Among the four-lettered words that are ... Read More »