How do you write a letter to a country's high commission for a special needs child to be educated in their country?

Answer You have to take general education courses first and then when you have completed those you can start gearing towards taking classes for teaching special education. If you would JUST like to teach ... Read More »

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Which cuisine from an Asian country do you like best?

Vietnamese. It's a nice marriage of Asian and French flavours and techniques.

What Asian country was once known as Cathay?

China was once known as Cathay. Marco Polo popularized Cathay, the medieval name for China, in accounts of his Asian journey. Cathay usually refers only to the part of the country that is north of ... Read More »

Which is the first Asian country to get a loan from World Bank?

In which Asian country did the French& British fight each other?

The French and British fought each other in India. Both nations had trading posts already established. They fought to increase their sphere of influence, taking advantage of the unrest and rivalrie... Read More »