What is a forward exchange rate?

Answer A forward exchange rate is the rate at which a foreign currency will sell for at some time in the future. For example, an investor enters into a foreign exchange contract today to buy euros three m... Read More »

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Relationship Between Forward Rate & Interest Rate?

Forward rate is a term used in finance. It relates to interest rate because these two rates are needed to calculate the price of a future engagement which, in finance, is known as a "forward contra... Read More »

How to Forward Email From Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a server client that stores all your email inboxes and the data associated with them. Exchange allows you, as an user, to forward emails to a different account on a different ... Read More »

Forward Pricing Rate Agreements?

A forward pricing rate agreement (FPRA) is a contract between a government entity and a contractor in which certain rates are established for a specified period of time. These rates are projec... Read More »

What is the RMB exchange rate?

The exchange rate for renminbi, also known as RMB or Chinese yuan, as of July 13, 2010 is 6.78 RMB to one US dollar. This is the lowest the exchange rate of RMB for dollars since 1993.References:Ch... Read More »