What is a formative&summative assessment?

Answer When evaluating students, teachers use a variety of tools to ensure that learning stays on track. Formative assessments provide a glimpse of learning in progress, while summative assessments allow ... Read More »

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What is an mds assessment?

Long-term care minimum data set (MDS) assessments are a comprehensive look at all Medicare or Medicaid recipients receiving long-term care, according to the Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC)... Read More »

What is a career assessment?

If you are trying to find the right career or want to know if your current line of work fits you best, it might be worthwhile to take a career assessment. The assessment will examine aspects of you... Read More »

What is a 360 degree assessment?

A 360-degree assessment can be a useful tool for organizations. However, in order to be useful, it must be wielded appropriately. To do otherwise can undermine this tool's potential effectiveness.D... Read More »

What is an assessment& gap analysis?

Gap analysis is a simple tool for determining what you or your business need to meet your goals. To use it in assessment, examine the difference between where you are and where you want to be.Findi... Read More »